15 November 2007

Light Notes on Nonsense Politics

I don't like to get involved in the morass of daily gotcha politics in the States. I don't understand the charm in slapping your opponent with useless nonsense, which is why I haven't been following the election coverage. But here's some thoughts on what I did manage to pick up on:

  • Bridge Players - Righties come down comically hard on a bunch of housefraus for a political statement written on the back of a menu at a bridge tournament. Lefties are stupidly happy that some of them managed to escape the oppression of Amerika to play cards in a nation most famous for it's heapin' hankerin' for dead students. And poisonous toys.
  • Ron Paul - "Dr. No" apparently debating whether or not to return money donated by white supremacist group. Can't imagine what the answer might be.
  • Kos - Left-wing loony tune to work at Newsweek, to be counterbalanced by right-wing loony tune. Only time in history where the words "screw them!" have turned up more Google hits for blogs than pornography.
  • Hilary Clinton - Flags fell over. Big deal made. Hillary denies using the dark side of The Force to do it. Althouse implies a great deal from a small reaction.
  • Hugo Chavez - told "Por que no te callas?" ("why don't you shut up?") by Spanish King Juan Carlos. And clean your plate too, you socialist jackass. There are starving children in Venezuela.
  • Wonkette - Joins RedState in fight against "Paultards"; willing to temporarily set aside differences, bottles of gin.

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.

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